Thursday, October 23, 2014

You may see ads on BluJav...

Hi guys, you may have noticed that ads are appearing on this blog as well as on my YouTube channel. This is because my AdSense account has finally been approved! Yay!

Well, after much complaining about how difficult it was to set up an AdSense account for this blog, I finally manage to get it approved and working, and I still consider myself lucky, as I've heard even big YouTubers like Angry Joe couldn't get monetisation for his channel even with thousands of subscribers at the time he applied. To be honest, I was considering putting this blog on temporary hiatus as its difficult to sustain the constant output of content without any sort of income, and I was going to focus my efforts on my filmmaking career. In any case, I'm glad its finally working, and I'm very happy that I can still do this as a hobby while making a bit of ad revenue as an added incentive to keep the content going.

Of course, without giving away numbers as I'm not allowed to disclose details about YouTube earnings, my starting earnings from doing this is obviously going to be extremely minuscule, since my audience isn't very large as of this writing. It may even be so small that Google won't pay me until I've earn more than a certain threshold. However, the good news is that I've seen much better viewership on the YouTube channel. As of this writing, 3 of my videos has reached more than 3000 views. Its still a very small number, but I thank you guys for your support nonetheless.

I hope that you guys will continue to enjoy the content on this blog as well as on my channel, even though you have to wait to skip an ad in order to view my content. But I also hope you understand that this is the only way at the moment to keep the content free for you guys while I can still have a bit of financial support to keep writing reviews, making video reviews as well as other video or editorial content for you guys. Thank you all once again for your continued support!

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