Sunday, April 27, 2014

A little update...

Hi guys! I know you probably haven't seen much content for quite some time on this site or the YouTube channel, so I thought I'd give you an update, or several updates, of what is happening here at BluJav now, and what content I might be planning to update here.

Monetisation Issues

If you have been following some of my tweets over the past couple months, you would have known that I'm having trouble trying to monetise this site and the YouTube Channel. I know I currently don't really do BluJav content for a living, and I currently do this just as a hobby, but I also figured that it would also be better if the content can be monetised with ads that are hopefully not too distracting, so that the ad revenue can be a good incentive to keep the content going.

So I tried applying for an AdSense account and associate it with my YouTube Channel. But goddamn it, I made a irreversible mistake by attempting to monetise this blog as well. And guess what happened? They disapproved my entire AdSense account, which also means my monetisation of my YouTube channel is also disabled. Why? My site has "copyrighted content".

Google, the copyrighted content on this site is used under Fair Use under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of US Law. I am providing my critique and commentary on the movie or game, and I'm using clips and footage from the movie and game to illustrate my point. For that I do not need legal permission from the copyright holder to critique their content. Its funny that YouTube lets my video up and running and lets me monetise it after I disputed my copyright claims for this reason, but Google, in the email notification they sent me, nothing is stated that lets me dispute that I'm using the copyrighted material under fair use:

Ok, so I checked my site anyway to see if there are any legit copyright violation, and I saw that the posters I put in the reviews are just random posters I took from Google Images. So I took those down and reapplied my account again, and I got this:

"Insufficient content"? I'm at a loss for words here. I'd just ask you to read the e-mail, and tell me what exactly is in my site that does not fit those requirements. If you can find any, I'd like to know. 
Anyway, I just reapplied without changing anything, and guess what? They gave me a randomly different excuse:
Copyrighted material again? I just removed the freaking posters to accommodate this requirement, and you still can give the same reason? Do I have to explain the Fair Use doctrine again?
Ok, fine, I don't want to monetise the blog anymore, just the YouTube channel alone then. But when I log in to my AdSense account, the system does not let me remove my blog URL and say "I don't wanna place the ad code on my site anymore". Its like once you register this site for monetisation, its permanently there, and you "die die" must make this site work to our standards, otherwise you cannot monetise ANYTHING from us, including your separate YouTube channel, and there's no way to say I don't wanna monetise the site anymore.
Can you not see the annoyance and BS just to monetise a simple website and a YouTube channel with Google? And I can't even contact AdSense via email to resolve this because I'm not earning more than US$25 a week on a consistent basis. You must be "eligible" before you can contact AdSense. I'm stamped on before I can even begin.
Actually the monetisation problems does not stop there. I can go on into more detail on the YouTube side of things, which you might probably already know as a result of the major Content ID issues affecting affiliated networked channels now. One of which is like this, asking you to provide proof that you have the right to monetise a video that you created entirely yourself (in which case I'm referring to the Steph Micayle podcast mentioned in the following email which is all original content, and somehow I need to prove that my own video is mine. Ridiculous right?), but I'll just show you the notification here and let you see for yourself. I won't talk too much on this because that's the least of my monetisation issues right now.
I guess my only hope now is that AdSense will one day miraculously approve my AdSense account for this site and if they can be bothered to read this and decide to improve their AdSense system and make it more friendly for newcomers, or they will continue to make it this frustrating so that they can pocket more ad revenue (that we help them generate with our quality YouTube content that we produce in the first place) for themselves. Until then, I will maybe think of a donation-based solution via PayPal, which is not something I wanna do though, I believe review content should be made free to viewers to make informed decisions, which is why I tried an proper ad-based solution with AdSense, and that didn't turn out very well, did it?
What's next for BluJav

Well, I feel the compelling need to upgrade my old Aiwa subwoofer because its dying on me with the lose connection in the back, and because I did an experiment in which I used the Z906 speakers I bought recently, and used just the subwoofer alone as, well, a subwoofer for my home theatre. I'll see if I can discuss the details of this experiment that I did another time, but I'll just make it short. Both subwoofers are the same in diaphragm size, 8 inches, but holy shit, the Z906 seriously can provide much deeper bass than my Aiwa sub. Maybe its because the Z906 has a good reflex vent. I used the THX Amazing Life trailer to test, and the part when the mushroom booms, the Z906 sub could replicate 80%, no, 90% of what I heard when I saw that trailer in The Grand Cathay cinema hall in The Cathay Building. And I go back to the old Aiwa sub, and the effect feels underwhelming in comparison.

So I guess I will need to save up for the next couple months to upgrade the subwoofer to maybe a 10 or 12 inch one, which means I won't be buying any new Blu-rays anytime soon to review. Sorry folks...

But I can share about a couple of recent new Blu-ray titles I bought, like Frozen and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Maybe I give a short opinion on those 2 releases here, in case I don't have time to review both in detail:

Frozen - Its pretty good, one of the best Disney animated film in years, with slightly better songs than the previous Disney animated film, Tangled. And NO, please don't let me hear another cover of Let It Go again! It was a good song, but I'm now sick of hearing it and its bazillion covers so many times on the internet. This is one of those cases where overhyping can kill a legitimately good movie.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - A slightly better film than the original, but also deviates more from the original book than its predecessor, which may polarise even more LOTR fans. But the pacing is better, there are much less slo-mo shots (not sure if that is a result of my criticism), but surprisingly its doesn't linger in your mind for very long after you leave the theatre or after you eject the disc, somehow this movie is very good in and of itself, but somehow less memorable.

Well folks, that's just an update of what's happening here at BluJav now. Since I won't be spending much money on new Blu-rays or games over the next weeks or couple months, I guess some upcoming content coming here soon may be some BluJav Plays of existing titles in my Steam Library, or maybe a vlog on the future of 4k resolution, which I would want to find an opportunity to discuss what I think of it and my opinion on its relevancy to the home market. That's all for now.

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