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Hi! My name is Javin, and welcome to BluJav, a blog where I will be mainly be posting personal reviews of Blu-Rays in my spare time.

This Blu-Ray reviews will be based on discs that I buy or rent. Being able to buy Blu-Rays is quite an occasional privilege for me, so I don't expect the frequency of new reviews published to be very high. But who knows, things may change, and maybe the day may come where I can get review copies to review here, but for now, I'll be doing these reviews as a personal hobby so that I can share my opinion about movies and whether these discs would be the kind that would show what your home theatre is capable of.

These reviews will not only review the movie or content itself, but also the video and audio quality of the discs. There will be separate review scores for Movie, Video Quality, Audio Quality, and Overall Score and Recommendation. These Blu-Rays may be current ones or older ones that I have not really written a review before, so for those reviews I will mark its as a Retrospect Review.

I have a love for hi-fidelity video and sound when I watch movies, because I love to be fully immersed in a movie when I watch them, especially when watching them in a theatre with superb and immersive visual quality and sound, like THX-certified movie theatres or IMAX. Therefore I've always wanted to bring that movie-viewing experience to the home. Obviously a home theatre has its limitations to its setup, but its still a joy for me to recreate a movie theatre-like experience to the home. I've started building my personal home theatre in my house since 2005. Back then I didn't even have a 5.1 setup. I'd just had a 25-inch CRT SDTV, a standard DVD player and a stereo speaker setup. It was only in late 2006 that I finally had an improvised 5.1 setup, using 2 separate stereo speakers, one for the fronts and the other for the surrounds, and a single speaker for the centre channel taken from a third set of stereo speakers. Jump forward 6 years, and I think I feel I finally have a proper home theatre setup to be able to start reviewing my Blu-Ray movies proper.

To give you an idea of the home theatre setup I will be reviewing on I will roughly state the specifications of my system here:

- An LG 42LE4500 42" LED/LCD TV
- A PS3 for Blu-Ray Playback
- A Denon AVR 1912 AV receiver/amplifier (which is 5.1/7.1 capable)
- 3 Accusound speakers on the front, Left Front, Right Front, Center (I forgotten the model because I threw away the box a long time ago haha...but its of really good quality)
- 2 LG speakers for the surround speakers (also forgotten the model haha...)
- An Aiwa TS-W5 Subwoofer (I know its a pretty old and obsolete subwoofer, but it still works great)

Unfortunately I should mention that, due to time constraints, it would be difficult for me to review Blu-Ray special features thoroughly, therefore by default I will not be giving a score to the Extras section of the review. I will however, write on my impressions on the extras section based on the extra content that I've briefly went through, and if I have the time to go through all of it I may even give a score for it.

In addition, I may also occasionally publish current movie reviews, and maybe even do a few video game reviews, mainly for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. For the video game reviews, like the Blu-Ray reviews, I will also go in-depth into the quality of the graphics and audio, which is an aspect that, from what I've observed, not a lot of gaming websites go into, especially the audio quality, save for a few. I will be playing these games in my home theatre setup and review the experience in that sense.

So stay tuned for my reviews coming up soon...

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